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How does it work

Group oriented Case Chat

Course members login using their favorite internet browser, and go directly to the current Case-Chat screen. Members come together in a chatbox which is exclusively for their own group.
The Case-Chat is supervised by a Coach who actively controlls the -Case-Chat with the aid of a discussion model which is cleary visible for all attendees.
The discussion model can be customized by the coach.
Additionally, it is possible for all attendees including to exchange messages under the hood, without disrupting the Case-Chat. This way, the coach may address a course member directly (and privately) and visa-versa.

Group Assignments

Group-Assignments consist of an actual assignment to be executed by individual members, reporting and a group-chat.
The group-assignment is executed by each member individually, after which a written report is filed. These so called assignment-reports are only accessable by group-members. In order to prepare for the assignment-chat, members read each other reports.
The group-assignment chat is not supervised by the coach and assignment-groups are typically small subgroups.


In order to support course members, the exists an central online libray for documentation (also known as readers). The documents may be linked to individual Case-chats or Group-Assignments in order to supply background information.

Ondersteuning voor de coach

A note-tracker is available which enables the coach to make notes linked to specific participants and sessions.
Together with regular questionaires, to be filled-out by the participants, an impression of the training progress can be obtained partly with graphical visualisation.

Customized training programme

The coach designs a customized training program in advance.
Discussion models for Case-Chats can be customized by the coach.
The training programme consists of a mixture of Case-Chats and Assignents which may be planned using an online calendar. The calender sends email alerts to attendees reminding them of upcomming meetings

Training-IT is a web application enabling the online training of groups under the supervision of a coach.