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Internet Services

InterGep, supports the entire process of Web Application development, from concept through design to development  and production.

Nowadays, Internet Services, also known as Software as a Service (S.A.A.S.) have become a common part of every day business.
Whether you are are a freelancer or running and international business with subsidiaries local or abbroad, exchange of information using the internet has become a crucial factor.

InterGep has many years of experience (and expertise), going back to before the beginning of the commercial web, with the design and development for both small local companies but also for large internationally operating organisations.
Because of this we know what is important today;

  • Simplicity;
    Simplicity gives us the ability to control the complexity of technology and and its influence on the project lifecycle and thus will enhance  manageability and costs.
  • Scalabilty;
    Scalable applications give us the opportunity to adapt to changing circumstances be it a simple increase in throughput or extension of functionality. This way, preparation for the future is built-in.
  • Sense of proportion;
    A solution should fit its environment, why build or implement something which is completely oversized for your business ? This will result in a longer time to complete and will cause unnecessary costs. Functional extension of the application can also be done in the future when the the need arises.

Application areas

Wesites with CMS support
Nowadays, Content Management Systems are the defacto standard when it comes to building websites.
The differentiation between Content on one side and Design and Structure on the other side, enables the owner of the site to manage the content himself instead of engaging a third party for this.

Web Applications
These are applications such as a web based chatbox, an internet auction or an e-learning system or any other interactive application which runs in the web browser.
Web applications feature extensive interaction between the user and the website, the information flow runs in both directions and in many cases a user context is held for storage of application data.

Intranet systems
An Intranet is a collection of snetwork ervices running in a protected enviroment which is not publically accessable.
Intranet services can be ;

  • Fileserver;
    Centralized file storage with backup support.
  • Mail en groupware server;
    A service to facilitate corporate email, calendar task and contact management for acces by laptops, webmail or mobile devices.
  • VOIP;
    A software based telephone switchboard application for placing calls over landline, GSM or internet. VOIP technology offersflexible features like advanced FollowMe, voicemail-email integration, call-recording and much more.
  • VPN;
    Enables safe encrypted acces by personel to the corporate intranet from remote locations. It may also be used to interconnect branch offices using the internet as a carrier in order establish a single virtual intranet.
The combination of these services can lead to significant cost savings. Think of your telephone bill caused by telephone callls between branch offices which can be reduced to zero.

Training-IT is a web application enabling the online training of groups under the supervision of a coach.