English Internet Services Intranetsystems
Intranetsystems consist of a collection of services which run inside a shielded corporate network. Examples of services are:
  • Fileserver
    Centralized datastorage with met backup-support.
  • Mail en groupware server
    Network services for email and calendar management.
  • VOIP
    Telephone communication using internet technologies and/or traditional copper.
    VOIP technologie offers many advantages over tradional telecom systems such as;
    • flexible call forwarding,
    • voicemail over email solutions,
    • private dedicated trunks to subsidiaries at very low costs
  • VPN
    Providing secure access to the corporate intranet from the outside for employees.
    VPN technologies can also be used to interconnect intranets of subsidiaries at very low costs.
  • Online backup
    Simple and low cost backup solutions with or without version management.
    Data storage is done via the internet with reliable international parties.
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